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Welcome to the website of Komposer MD where you'll find music available for concert performances and a variety of audio environments.

An audio environment could be a performance venue, or any space, and place, where music in its various forms is needed for the time, setting, and occasion.

Komposer MD provides and performs music for a variety of audio environments and genres, such as, classical choral and instrumental, jazz, soul, sound design, soundtracks, films, telecasting, web streaming, and gaming.  For the performance, use, and or licensing of Komposer MD's music please contact the composer/publisher.



 The Artistry of the Soul is Music




The W. Russell Johnson Music Guild Singers of the National Association of Negro Musicians. Handel's Messiah (Part 1) performance, 12.08.12 at Camphor Memorial UMC, Philadelphia, PA. Marc D. Jenkins, Conductor. Professor John Custis, Piano, and Dr. Karen L. Thomas, (Komposer MD) Organ. Gloria E. Todd (guild member) is the church's Director of Music. Flanzie R. Thomas, Videographer 




 Electric Rhythms is a track from Komposer MD's "Rhythm and Jazz" CD/Digital Album This track and other music can be purchased and or licensed online.  (C)Copyright 2013.  9TH Eye in The Quad Productions.  All Rights Reserved.     












 Science for the mind, art for the soul, and health for the body.

Developing a healthy material and musical universe.

Eyesys is the mind of music and the artistry of the soul. E = I + O





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